Barsuk Records is proud to reissue Rocky Votolato’s classic 2006 album Makers on August 19th.   This 10th Anniversary reissue marks the first time Barsuk has released the album on LP format, and the first time it’s been pressed on high-quality 180-gram vinyl with a newly designed gatefold sleeve. In celebration of the anniversary, Votolato is announcing a nationwide tour in which he’ll play Makers in its entirety.

Over the course of the last 15 years, Rocky Votolato has produced some of the most powerful music to come out of Seattle, an impressive canon anchored by earnest, lyrical songwriting, and delivered in a unique indie-folk-punk style that has evolved out of the Pacific Northwest music scene he was raised in.  He has matured over the course of eight increasingly accomplished solo albums, and writes songs that seem to have been scratched into a boxcar wall by a worn-out and lonesome ghost.

Makers’ title, whether it references a vague existential preoccupation or perhaps a certain brand of American whiskey, captures the mood of its 12 songs perfectly. Take half an hour in a dim room with this album at the end of a hard day, and read the lyrics while you sip your beverage of choice; it may break you down a little at first, but it will lift you up in the end.

Critical Acclaim for Rocky Votolato’s “Makers”:

“Maker’s demonstrates (Votolato’s) nuanced command of the folk idiom.”

– Rolling Stone

“Votolato possesses the kind of voice that never-been-kissed teenage girls imagine their crushes might have in a perfect universe.”

– Spin

“Makers is about as perfect an album as you can get.”

– Performing Songwriter

“Wonderfully soothing, late-night music that is simply beautiful.”

– E!

“Votolato teases whole worlds out of his beautifully understated lyrics. Think Elliot Smith, only more hopeful and with a grittier voice.”

– Marie Claire – “10 Best To Do”

“A lonesome beauty of an album, full of longing and midnight stories whispered in the company of friends. Makers is a raw gem not to be missed.”

– Relevant Magazine

“A surpassingly great exercise in raspy, folky minimalism with the hushed and placid feel of a mid-period Simon & Garfunkel record.”

– No Depression

“The disc Ryan Adams keeps threatening to make but never quite delivers.”
– Alternative Press

“Makers has all the workings of a timeless folk record, with none of the retro aftertaste.”

– Chord

“Votolato was born to be a singer-songwriter.”

– The Boston Globe

“Makers raw authenticity belongs in a vinyl collection next to Gram Parsons.”

– Acoustic Guitar

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